• Streamlined login page
  • Simplified home page
  • Improved transfer feature
  • Enhancements to bill pay
  • And a responsive design

Click here to view a demo video and see how your online banking is more convenient, more efficient and has an added level of security. 

Streamlined Login Page

The sign-in process has been simplified and streamlined. 


Login-before-A    Login-before-B


Login-after-A    Login-after-B

Simplified Home Page

You can now easily access account balances, transfers, recent transactions and bill payments form the home screen. The arrangement of transactions from newest to oldest without having to select current or previous statements makes it easier to review and monitor transaction activity. Managing activity from one page makes finding and performing transactions faster and more efficient.


Improved Transfer Feature

Online banking customers can now access the express and scheduled transfers within the same workflow, enabling quicker initiation of one-time and recurring transfers.


Enhancement to Bill Pay

Bill Pay will no longer launch in a second browser window. This provides more security and convenience for online banking customers. 


Responsive Design

Responsive design provides an optimal experience on your tablet, phone, desktop computer or laptop - regardless of the screen size, resolution, and orientation.





All changes will be effective August 14, 2017.  If you have questions, please contact your local personal banker.