Raise your hand if you like to have options.   If your hand it high in the air, we’re excited to tell you that for a limited time, you now have the chance to choose your CD rate!  We are featuring three options -

2.17% APY* for 17 months
2.37% APY* for 37 months
2.47% APY* for 47 months

A CD provides you with guaranteed returns on your timeline, with no risky market mood swings.  And to top it off, a raise-your-rate option is available on all three terms.  Get started today by contacting a personal banker near you.

*Annual Percentage Yield. Offer available as of May 13, 2018. $5,000.00 new money, opening and minimum balance requirements. Raise-your-rate feature may change after account opening. Raise-your-rate feature may be used one time in the first maturity term of the CD and feature expires at maturity. Early withdrawal penalty may apply, and early withdrawal or other fees may reduce earnings.