Leave the cash at home.

With Popmoney®, you can send and receive money the easy way. Easily pay a friend back, send a gift, pay rent, and more — all from the convenience of your mobile device. And just as important, it’s secure. There’s no private information exchanged, no need to use cash or check, and no additional hassles. Just time saved!


  • Make person-to-person payments
  • Easily send and receive funds
  • Available to AB&T customers enrolled in CheckFree online bill pay
  • Use Popmoney® to:
    • Pay a friend back
    • Send a cash gift
    • Pay rent
    • Receive a payment
    • And more!
  • Send funds using the mobile number or email address of the recipient
  • No need to exchange private information
  • Saves time
  • Secure and easy to use

How It Works

To learn more about CheckFree with PopMoney, view the demo by clicking the image below.

AB&T Bill Pay with Popmoney (video will open in new window)

AB&T Bill Pay with Popmoney

Pay all your bills in one place. It’s easy, secure and fast. Make a payment to anyone in the US. Payments are often received within 1 business day.
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