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Your Account Transition Roadmap

American Bank & Trust makes changing banks easy. Let our business team – and this simple guide – show you how. You are on the road to fewer fees, better service, and a smooth transition.

Use our AB&T Switch Kit to make your transition simple.

 Client Steps

AB&T Internal Steps

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  • Provide entity & signer information to American Bank & Trust.


  • Provide account opening checklist to client.
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  • Obtain signatures from officers and authorized signers.


  • Open accounts and provide Account Agreements to client, AB&T Transition Team introductions. Order checks/deposit tickets.
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  • Review bank statement with transition team to identify ACH’s and auto payments to be changed. Also, provide current ACH file information.


  • Review existing ACH templates & files. Review statements with client and identify automatic payments, and bill pay items to be moved.
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  • Provide list of online users and what services they need access to (ACH, remote deposit, account transfers, etc.).


  • Provide onsite training to staff (Can be combined with Step 3 if time allows) & onsite set up of hardware (if applicable).
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  • Initial wire or check deposit to American Bank & Trust. Send new bank information to applicable vendors, suppliers, customers, etc.


  • Transition Team assists with set up of new ACH template and tests ACH files. Provide account verification letters to move auto payments and ACH’s.
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  • Begin using AB&T checks and making deposits to bank. Review accounts, making sure ACHs/payments pulling from AB&T account.


  • Team on-site to process first ACH’s/online banking review.
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  • Enjoy banking with American Bank & Trust.


  • Enjoy banking with American Bank & Trust.

Your Transition Team

American Bank & Trust is dedicated to serving you. Let our business team show you how. Find your transition team members below.

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