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Our Customer Service Guarantee

We will welcome you to our bank and in the community genuinely and compassionately by:

      • Greeting you with a smile, eye contact, and a handshake.
      • Addressing you by your name.
      • Introducing you to our team.

We will be committed to your financial and personal success by:

      • Asking about and listening to your goals, passions, and needs.
      • Offering ideas and options tailored to meet your expectations.
      • Providing you with timely and relevant information regarding financial matters.

We will earn and sustain your trust by:

      • Delivering on our promises and commitments, whether they are big or small.
      • Protecting your confidentiality in a serious and secured manner.
      • Hiring engaged and caring individuals with high character and strong morals.

We will be honest, respectful, and responsive in our communication to you by:

      • Disclosing all terms and conditions through clear and concise communication.
      • Returning emails and phone calls in a timely manner.
      • Thanking your for your relationship.
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