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The Keys to Retiring Early: Learn the Way of the Squirrel

Those of us in our prime earning years have had it rough: A housing-market crash, a Great Recession, a historic pandemic. Retirement—period—might strike you as a laughable fantasy at this point. But what if we told you that not only could you retire…but you could pull...

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Metamorphosis into Retirement

Retirement is an emotional transition as well as a financial transformation, a declaration of financial independence. After he retired at age 69, Washington Post financial columnist Stan Hinden wrote an occasional column for the paper called “Retirement Journal,” in...

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IRAs: Traditional or Roth?

IRAs have wonderful tax advantages. The traditional IRA offers the possibility of a tax deduction (depending upon one’s income and tax filing status) and full deferral of taxes on investment earnings until withdrawal. The Roth IRA does not give rise to a deduction,...

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A Guide to Our Trust Services

At their beginning in the 14th century, trusts were used to to defeat the rigid rules of passing on property and the taxes imposed. As the nature of wealth has changed, so has the nature of trusts. Today, trusts are flexible tools for managing financial assets, such...

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