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Real Time Alerts. Stronger Security. Greater Convenience.


Notifi Alert System simplifies your busy life while helping you build a stronger and more valuable relationship with your financial institution. Notifi keeps you informed about your accounts by delivering real-time alerts about unexpected activity. You can control how you’re alerted by choosing email, text, or push notifications. You can also set time restrictions for when you want to receive account alerts.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy To Setup
  • Watch Over Your Accounts
  • Keep Better Track Of Your Money
  • Instantly Know When Your Balance Drops
  • Instantly Know When Deposits Are Made

Learn more about our new Notifi Alerts System by watching the video below.

Real Time Alerts. Stronger Security. Greater Convenience.

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Get real-time alerts about unexpected activity on your accounts. Choose from text, email, or push notifications for your account alerts.

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Set time restrictions for when you want to be alerted about unexpected account activity. 

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Enjoy the confidence and security that Notifi Real-Time Alerts provides, and know that your money is being cared for.

How To Set Up Notifi Real-Time Alerts

    1. Login to your American Bank & Trust account.
    2. Review the new Terms & Conditions.
    3. Click the ‘Enroll’ button at the top of the Overview page; or select ‘Alerts’ from the navigation options above the AB&T eagle.
    4. Click on ‘Contact Options.’
    5. Enter the desired email and/or phone number you would like contacted with account alerts. You can also enter ‘Do Not Disturb’ time restrictions when you prefer not to receive alerts.
    6. Next, select ‘Alert Options’ from the top.
    7. Choose the account activities you’d like to set up with alerts. You can have alerts for transactions, transfers, changing balances, security updates, and more.
    8. Lastly, on the ‘Overview’ page, you will be able to view all existing account alerts that are active. After the initial set up, you are able to make updates to each account alert from this page.

If you have any questions or need assistance with Notifi, please contact your nearest American Bank & Trust branch location.

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