We’ve got spirit, yes we do!

Support your favorite local school by getting an American Bank & Trust Spirit Card. In response to the mounting budgetary needs of school districts, American Bank & Trust is inspired to give back to communities through Spirit Cards. Use your Spirit Card to make purchases and we will donate a percentage from each purchase back to the school district on your card.

Here are the Spirit Cards that are currently available:

Click on the cards below to enlarge:

NEW! Aberdeen Central
Golden Eagles

Aberdeen Central Golden Eagles Spirit Card

NEW! Aberdeen
Christian Knights

Aberdeen Christian Knights Spirit Card

NEW! Aberdeen
Roncalli Cavaliers

Aberdeen Roncalli Cavaliers Spirit Card

Corsica Stickney

Corsica Stickney Spirit Card

De Smet Bulldogs

De Smet Bulldogs Spirit Card

Howard Tigers

Howard Tigers Spirit Card

Huron Tigers

Huron Tigers Spirit Card

Iroquois Lake Preston Sharks

Iroquois Lake Preston Sharks Spirit Card

James Valley Christian Vikings

James Valley Christian Vikings Spirit Card

NEW! Lennox Orioles

Lennox Orioles Spirit Card

NEW! Lisbon Broncos

De Smet Spirit Card

Miller Rustlers

Miller Rustlers Spirit Card

Northwestern Wildcats 

Northwestern Wildcats Spirit Card

Pierre Governors 

Pierre Governors Spirit Card

Stanley County Buffaloes

Stanley County Buffaloes Spirit Card

NEW! Tea Titans

Tea Titans Spirit Card

Watertown Arrows

Watertown Arrows Spirit Card

Wessington Springs Spartans

Wessington Springs Spartans Spirit Card

Wolsey Wessington Warbirds

Wolsey Wessington Warbirds Spirit Card

Worthington Trojans

Worthington Trojans Spirit Card

Spirit Cards have helped schools purchase everything from bus passes for kids in need, to a climbing rock wall, travel expenses for FFA Convention and library furniture.

Learn How Schools are Using Their Spirit Card Funds


  • Buy new books for library (2022)
  • Laptop Carts (2023)

De Smet:

  • Playground Equipment (2012)
  • Elementary Field Trip Entrance Fees (2012)
  • 4 iPod Touches (2013)
  • Document Camera & Ipad (2013)
  • New Barney mascot uniform (2014)
  • Chairs w/AB&T logo for sports teams (2014)
  • Apps for iPads and Osmo Genius Kit (2016)
  • Handicap accessible swing, apps for Special Ed and Kindergarten classrooms, Bouncy Bands for 1st grade (2017)
  • Platform whirl for a new handicap accessible playground that will be built at elementary school in the fall (2018)
  • Wrestling room equipment and wall pads (2019)
  • Golf bags for varsity golf team, Laura Ingalls Wilder hard cover book set for 4th grade and speech department educational activity supplies (2020)
  • Non-fiction books, speech therapy materials, a trombone, and a computer monitor for hallway announcements (2021)
  • Cheer Mats, Chrombook Charging Cart 3rd Graders, Golf Team Outerwear (Jackets/Pants) (2022)
  • New furniture for the elementary library (2023)


  • General Use (2022)
  • Disability Awareness Day (2023)


  • High School Auditorium Speaker (2012)
  • 2 Red CAT Amplifier Systems for 1st & 2nd Grad (2012)
  • Floor Chairs for Tiger Arena & RESPECT Retreat (2013)
  • Elem/Middle School AVE Machine & teaching supplies for wellness education (2013)
  • Privacy Dividers, S&H expenses for Destination – Imagination trip, Middle School Childrens Theatre (2014)
  • John Deere Gator for Outdoor Athletic Dept and Buchanan library tables and chairs. (2014)
  • Equipment for intramural sports, materials to promote using public busing (2016)
  • Tiger mascot costume, supplies for indoor recess and After School Program, hosting Missolula Children’s Theatre, equipment for above ground gymnastics pit. (2017)
  • Adjustable stools for kindergarten classrooms, turning boards, weight room equipment, art class supplies, gymnastics team spring boards and hardcover copies of books that 7th grade writing class created (2018)
  • Sporting equipment, marching band flags, art supplies, adjustable stools, lap desks and prom supplies (2019)
  • Materials and supplies for the Destination Imagination program, sports nutrition program, publish books written by 7th grade class, large portable speaker for Cheer & Dance Team and adjustable wobble stools for kindergarten classrooms (2020)
  • Ball chairs, athletic training equipment, prizes for March Madness Reading Challenge, Cheer & Dance workshop registration fees and supplies for the Destination Imagination program (2021)
  • Sensory items for general & special ed classes; Kindergarten fine motor skills activity items; Fees for cheerleading/dance stunt clinic tuition; replenish science supplies for 8th graders; 2022 Huron High School prom decorations; purchase laminating supplies for teachers; 7th grade writing class book publishing fees; Fees for Track and xc running camp and supplies; 3rd grade daily snacks (2022)
  • Huron Cheer & Dance equipment, publishing books for the 7th grade writing class, headphones for classrooms, science labs materials, and Osmo starter kits to aid in helping students on the spectrum learn independently and at their own pace (2023)


  • Support summer weight lifting program (2022)
  • Flipboards for class composties (2023)

James Valley:

  • Purchase marching band percussion equipment; purchase systematic phonics supplies (2022)
  • Teacher supplies for special classroom projects (2023)


  • Starlab & Sheltered Reality (2012)
  • 70″ Projector screen, DVD/VCR & Legos (2012)
  • Flagpole/Flag for new Elementary School (2013)
  • Combined w/April for flagpole, flag & landscaping area (2013)
  • Bench/table for outdoor learning/community site (2014)
  • Trees Elementary playground/memorabilia case (2014)
  • Drinking fountain for Jr. High wing of school (2016)
  • E-library for elementary students, Scholastic Books for Kindergarten students (2017)
  • Speech buddies which is a tool to help students correctly produce their speech sounds, updates to cardio room and Rustler Reward Program (2018)
  • Survival buckets, bean bag chairs and paperback novels for Jr. High library (2019)
  • Incubator for 1st graders to study the life cycle of a chicken, books for 6th grade classroom, Wiggle stools for 3rd grade classroom, Laura Ingalls Wilder field trip, trees for school grounds and artificial turf for the playground area (2020)
  • Equipment for weight room, novels for Junior High, Rustler Rewards program prizes, flex-space floor seats and books for classroom libraries (2021)
  • School Fire Repairs (2022)
  • New sound system for Armory (2023)


  • Jump ropes for entire school (2013)
  • Library shelves (2013)
  • Library shelves (2014)
  • Sofa or chairs for school lobby area (2016)
  • Field Day (2017)
  • Furniture for new library in elementary school (2018)
  • Concession stand equipment and library furniture (2019)
  • Training for school staff provided by ‘Boys Town’. Training will provide staff with more resources to handle behavior issues that are happening in the classroom (2020)
  • Student study carrels for more privacy and concentration in classrooms (2021)
  • Track & Cross-Country Uniforms (2022)
  • Convection Oven and popcorn popper for concession stand (2023)


  • Transit bus passes to children who have no transportation to & from school. (2013)
  • “Let’s Move” exhibit displayed at Discovery Center a school fund program to teach about eating and living healthy (2013)
  • Washington Elem 3rd grade class to go to 1880 town to further education in Social Studies (2014)
  • Youth Involvement Program-promotes living drug and alcohol free (2014)
  • Transit bus passes to children who have no transportaion to School (2014)
  • The Dear program- Encourages children to read more (2014)
  • Special Olympics tournaments and 20 x 30 portraits of students and teachers holding inspirational quotes (2016)
  • Boys on the Run program, History Day at Discovery Center, Harvest of the Month at Jefferson Elementary (2017)
  • Climbing rock wall for physical education class and Ozobot Kit for Jefferson Elementary School (2018)
  • Clifton Strength Workbooks, flat screen TV with Wii console and games, emergency transportation program and 4th grade field trip (2019)
  • Wobble seats for 4th grade, sensory resources for Jefferson Elementary, transportation fees for 7th grade field trip, supplies for STEAM night at Jefferson Elementary and 8 foot rock climbing wall at Kennedy Elementary (2020)
  • Coffee cart, laptop sleeves, books for 4th grade class, chapter books for elementary school, wobble chairs, banners and food display items for lunchrooms and yard signs for Gov to Gov Leadership (2021)
  • Travel costs for trip to SDSU cadaver/anatomy lab; STEM supplies for GMMS; Support student transportation needs with transit bus tickets so students needing transportation can go to and from school; purchase new AED machine (2022)
  • Swings for students with disabilities, Governor cards for the Pierre Athletics Coaches Association annual fundraiser, an Air Intake Shop dust collector and a new sewing machine and materials for the Gov to Gov Mentoring program (2023)

    Stanley County:

    • Grass seed for practice field damaged by 2011 flood (2013)
    • Money to put towards new playground equip (2014)
    • Money put towards purchase of new basketball hoop (2014)
    • Practice jerseys for boys and girls basketball teams (2016)
    • Students attend state FFA Convention (2017)
    • Warm-ups for football cheerleaders, registration and travel expenses for FFA State Convention and Stanley Co. Clay Target Team (2018)
    • Safety equipment for student athletes and bean bag chairs for 4th grade classroom (2019)
    • Lap desks for classrooms, iPad and Osmo Explorer starter kit for the 1st grade classroom, flag lights to illuminate the outdoor flagpoles, and calculators for better classroom learning (2020)
    • Library books, six-foot tables, safety shooting vests and office supplies for special education process (2021)
    • Purchase microscope camera & software; purchase wireless headsets and spotlight for theatre department (2022)
    • A new drum set, stage lighting, bean bags for reading area, an iPad and program for autistic student’s program (2023)


    • General Use (2022)
    • General Use (2023)


    • Glut-Ham Machine (2013)
    • K-5 Classroom Library Books (2013)
    • Laminator (2014)
    • Pre-School Play System (2014)
    • Put-in-cups for fence by football field, portable bookcases, furniture and small carpets for library (2016)
    • Treadmill for Physical Education department, community mural project (2017)
    • Moveable bleachers for commons area and main gym (2018)
    • Sensory Path and quick response white boards (2019)
    • Shelving to hold student’s belongings at After School Program. “Hey Jack” and “Billie Brown” books (2020)
    • Cricket printer, books for classroom libraries, light covers to promote calmness, and sit spots for elementary rooms (2021)
    • Purchase 3 playground diggers for students to enjoy on recess (2022)
    • Sensory Path flooring, classroom books, a new Cricut Maker, Storage cart, and Cricut supplies (2023)


    • General Use (2023)

    Wessington Springs:

    • Purchase Spartan mascot flags & poles for elementary, high school & Spartan Track & Field/Football complex (2012)
    • Purchase 2 TVs to broadcast video of school events at the gymnasium to the lunch/concession area. (2012)
    • Purchase a camera, tripod, install wiring, networking & related equipment for television and internet video
    • Broadcasting of events at the Wessington Springs Gymnasium (2013)
    • Leg curl & press weight machine for weight room to enhance sports programs & personal fitness (2014)
    • Treadmill & leg curl for weight room. (2015)
    • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (2016)
    • Continue the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (2017)
    • Gym padded wall mats (2018)
    • Tables, chairs and booths for the new Spartan Cafe (2019)
    • New lunchroom tables (2020)
    • Decal wrap for new activity bus (2021)
    • Support WS Robotics Club with entry fees and materials; New protective net for WS Track & Field program for discus throwing (2022)
    • Standing desks, magnetic white boards and the locker project (2023)

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