Running a business has never been easier thanks to advancements in banking technology.

If you’re managing a business and frequently find yourself at the bank, it’s time to step out of line. Gone are the days when you had to hop in the car and drive to your local branch during their hours of operation. Today, there are banking technology solutions that allow you to take control of your money safely and efficiently.  

Banking technologies can help you work smarter, not harder

American Bank & Trust has worked diligently over the past decade to bring the latest technology solutions to business owners. Their cash management services called Business Solutions +PLUS  helps businesses work smarter and offers state-of-the-art security and monitoring capabilities. Businesses are challenged with mitigating costs, hitting profitable margins and growing their following of satisfied customers. +PLUS services allow for businesses to manage their finances efficiently and focus more on customers versus banking. Specifically, the offerings include simple, smart and safe solutions for tasks including:

  • Managing payables and receivables (ACH Manager)
  • Making deposits from their office or store and having real-time access to their funds (Merchant Source Capture)
  • Transferring funds domestically and internationally (Wire Manager)
  • Monitoring and detecting unusual or unauthorized checks easily (Positive Pay).

Businesses can choose one service, two or as many as they need. Additional features of +PLUS include the ability to deposit checks from your phone and sweep cash to pay down your operating line. There’s also a mobile app that allows you to check balances, transfer money and approve ACHs.  

Banking hours are no longer 8 am to 5 pm

“Before these advancements, businesses had to take time to physically come into bank, and this limited them to banking hours of 8-5,” says Kim Easland, AB&T business banker in Pierre. “Even though I enjoy visiting with customers when they come in, I truly understand the challenge of managing employees’ time and resources to make trips back and forth to the bank.” Kim Easland Customers who use Business +PLUS Solutions say it changes the way they do business. For example, Abbie Storm, chief finance officer for Summit Contracting in Pierre, says after just a few months of using +PLUS services, she’s seen a difference. “The biggest benefit is the amount of time it saves our company, which in turn saves us money,” Storm says. “Being able to make ACH transfers and wire transfers online has helped out tremendously.  There are quite a few times when we need to get a vendor paid quickly, so instead of having an employee run a check to them I can automatically get them paid either by wire or ACH.” Easland says some business owners are concerned with how long it will take to set up and learn the +PLUS cash management system, and given how busy business owners are, that is understandable. But she adds that shouldn’t, prevent them from taking the leap. She says, “It can save them so much time in the long run, and AB&T has a transition team of experts to walk customers through each step.” AB&T has offered these services for more than 10 years. Easland says she can’t ever remember having a customer remove +PLUS services once they signed up.  

Customer service that’s above and beyond

While some other financial institutions offer business solutions, it’s important to review the customer service and support.  AB&T stands out as one of the few community banks to offer such solutions. Since AB&T is a community bank, they have flexibility when it comes to price. You’ll also notice their devotion to stellar customer service is unmatched. “We offer on-location, one-on-one set up and ongoing support with a multitude of bank employees that are trained to assist,” Easland says. “Beyond the efficiencies that +PLUS cash management services provide, it’s the exceptional customer experience that makes a difference.” So, if you’re still standing in line, ask why? AB&T offers a free, no risk three-month +PLUS services trial so businesses can save time and money.


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