Farming and ranching is BIG business in the Midwest.

This means farming operations need to run efficiently in order for owners to make a profit. With proper financial management,  a farm  can be taken to the next level by supplying it with the right resources for growth.


Top 3 Farm Resources for Ag Banking Loans

The financing needs of the agriculture sector are unique. The farming industry faces many uncertainties, like weather or crop pests — affecting the  bottom line. That’s why American Bank & Trust offers flexible financing to manage the unpredictability of  agribusiness.

We’ve been working with local farmers and ranchers for more than 125 years. Meaning, our bank really understands agriculture.

“With the changes in ag, it’s important to know the markets and understand when profit opportunities present themselves. AB&T has individuals in place to help give insight. When you deal with a banker who has been around with you for a long time, you gain that trust that he knows what’s going on and what I’m trying to accomplish.”

-Todd H. in Hitchcock, SD

Based on the individual needs of a  farm, we can find  an ag loan to support them. Here are three examples of how our  lending can help farmers get you the cash  they need to harvest results.


  1. Invest in New Equipment

Financing for new machinery improves overall operations and allows owners  to produce more effectively Investing in new technology delivers a stronger yield of return, inevitably making growth and expansion more possible for the  farm.


  1. Purchase Livestock

Purchasing livestock requires additional foresight since feeding, transporting, and herding are all required costs to consider for farm animals.

“With the nature of our business, it’s important to me not to have to go through hoops prior to purchasing livestock,” said Todd. “Also, with the very wet year this past year, changes to our operation were required. This created needs for extra funding for feed, trucking, etc. AB&T was willing to go the extra mile in helping in these times of disaster and stress.”


  1. Buy Seeds & Facilitate Crop Production

Buying seeds and facilitating crop production are farming necessities. The growth of crops is an unpredictable feat when you consider factors like weather and insects that can literally soil your efforts.

With financial backing from AB&T, farmers are able to focus on their expertise in growing the highest crop yield  for fall harvest.


Count on American Bank & Trust for Ag Lending

If you are looking for a professional in ag banking services, look no further.

Collectively, our team of ag bankers have over 150 years of experience to support your farm lending needs. They can help you find a competitively low rate on ag loans for almost any agricultural purpose. Start by contacting an ag banker near your location.

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