American Bank & Trust strives to make an impact throughout our local communities to let them know that we genuinely care. We give back to our communities through a variety of donations, event, programs, and sponsorships.

Each year, our Spirit Card program helps schools within our communities to purchase additional needs for staff and students. In 2024, AB&T is awarding a total of $50,475 to local schools through our Spirit Card Program, bringing our grand total to $261,367.37 in the last 12 years!

    Spirit Card Program To Help Local Schools

    Support your favorite local school by getting an American Bank & Trust Spirit Card. In response to the mounting budgetary needs of school districts, American Bank & Trust is inspired to give back to our local communities through Spirit Cards. Use your Spirit Card to make purchases and we will donate a percentage from each purchase back to the school district on your card.

     Spirit Cards have helped schools purchase everything from bus passes for kids in need, to a climbing rock wall, travel expenses for FFA Convention, and library furniture.

     Get your Spirit Card today by speaking with a banker to at any of our American Bank & Trust locations.

    2024 Spirit Card Donations

    Spirit Card Donation season is back in full swing! This year AB&T is awarding a total of $50,475 to local area schools and our donations have already started to make an impact!

    Corsica-Stickney Jaguars

    Corsica-Stickney Jaguars received a check for $1,000. These funds will be put towards a laminator for the Elementary School.

    Corsica Spirit Card Donation

    De Smet Bulldogs

    De Smet Bulldogs were presented with a donation of $5,759 to put towards new furniture for their breakout spaces in the new Elementary School.

    DeSmet Spirit Card Donation

    Howard Tigers

    Howard Tigers will be using their $1,000 donation from the Spirit Card program to be used for new curriculum, books, and workbooks for the preschool program.

    Howard Spirit Card Donation

    Huron Tigers

    Huron Tigers received a donation of $8,689 to be used for team sport clinics, laptop storage carts, books, headphones, dry erase boards, and furniture for storing student materials.

    Huron Spirit Card Donation

    Iroquois Chiefs

    Iroquois Chiefs were presented with a check for $1,000 to help with weight room improvements.

    Iroquois Spirit Card Donation

    James Valley Christian (JVC) Vikings

    James Valley Christian (JVC) Vikings will be using their $1,000 donation for classroom technology in the Elementary School.

    JVC Spirit Card Donation

    Miller Rustlers

    Miller Rustlers received a check for $7,902 that will be put towards a large tarp, books, water bottle filling station, and dry erase boards & materials.

    Miller Spirit Card Donation

    Northwestern Wildcats

    Northwestern Wildcats were given a donation of $2,487. This donation will be put towards furnishings for the new gym lobby.

    Northwestern Spirit Card Donation

    Pierre Governors

    Pierre Governors will be using their $6,212 donation for a back-stop for the softball diamond, egg incubator, math recovery course, Governor cards sold by student athletes, and other supplies.

    Pierre Spirit Card Donation

    Stanley County Buffalo

    Stanley County Buffalo received a check of $2,485 to be used for classroom materials.

    Stanley Spirit Card Donation

    Watertown Arrows

    Watertown Arrows will be putting their $1,000 donation towards general school materials.

    2024 Watertown Spirit Card

    Wessington Springs Spartans

    Wessington Springs Spartans were presented with a $5,678 donation that will be used for Elementary School lockers, golf bags, and percussion equipment for the marching band.

    WS Spirit Card Donation

    Wolsey-Wessington Warbirds

    Wolsey-Wessington Warbirds will be using their $3,836 donation for exercise bikes for the wellness center.

    Wolsey Wess Spirit Card Donatio

    Worthington Trojans

    Worthington Trojans received a check for $2,427. These funds will be used for Worthington Trojans Sports Booster Club equipment and scholarships.

    Worthington Spirit Card Donat

    New Spirit Cards Coming Soon!

    Exciting news on the horizon for American Bank & Trust! Soon, we will be launching 6 new Spirit Card designs with newly enrolled schools of Aberdeen Central, Aberdeen Roncalli, Aberdeen Christian, Lisbon, Lennox, and Tea. Stay tuned for the debut of these new Spirit Cards that give a portion of all your linked-account transactions to the school district on your debit card. More information will be released shortly.

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