We are coming to the end of  summer, and if you’re like most people­ – you’re probably itching for a vacation if you haven’t already taken one. Planning a  trip may have seemed like a breeze in the past, but the current pandemic has surely created in its own roadblocks. Finding the right vacation spot isn’t as easy as before. That being said, natural attractions in the great outdoors are prime spots for vacation. These spots not only are great for social distancing, but lucky for us South Dakota is also full of them. Put the phone and the laptop away and journey into the best that South Dakota has to offer.

The views are Plentiful at Deerfield Lake

CSR & Banking Assistant Kristen Bruinsma recently left her hometown of Stickney for a vacation in the Black Hills. She specifically explored the Deerfield Lake area and got some hiking and fishing done.

The Lake is location just 20 miles from Hill City and is over 400 acres in size.  It’s a no wake lake, so it’s perfect for paddle boarding or canoeing.

“We hiked along Castle Creek which flows out of Deerfield Lake and did a little bit of fly fishing. The view was incredible for both hikes. With evergreen covered hills and beautiful water to view, it was certainly hard to leave.”

Her favorite part of the Black Hills is their easy-going nature. “You don’t really need a plan. All you have to do is get out of your vehicle and start exploring!” We couldn’t have said it any better. There’s not a lot of things better than fishing and hiking in the summertime.

Deerfield Lake

Hippie Hole – a True Hidden Gem

American Bank & Trust Training Officer Jessica Beck had quite the experience at the Hippie Hole  near Keystone, South Dakota. According to Jessica, this hidden gem is not so easy to find but totally worth it.

“There are no clear directions or signs. From what the locals told me, the hippie hole has become more and more popular over the years. It takes a good 30 to 45-minute hike down to the hole. Once we get there, I was amazed. It’s beautiful. We saw a waterfall leading into a hole of water where people were jumping off the nearby cliffs.”

The Hippie Hole is not for the faint of heart according to Jessica. “Jumping into the hole was a rush for sure, and the water was ice cold. Even during our hot day, the water was cold. It’s definitely not the trip for someone who’s fragile.”

Wherever you decide to vacation this year, we hope you travel boldly and safely. If you’re ever looking to bank boldly, we’re just one click away.

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