The American Bank & Trust mortgage team has helped a lot of people through the new construction process. With any mortgage lending process, the timing and considerations vary. And that’s why you need a mortgage expert. Customers come to American Bank & Trust for new construction lending because they have a very specific vision in mind. Local Interior Designer Megan Peterson helps homeowners realize that vision and shares these design tips.


Meet Megan Peterson

 Megan Peterson is owner of Peterson Interiors and works with a wide range of clientele. She specializes in new construction. Peterson works to build spaces that are functional and a reflection of her client’s personality. “Being an Interior Designer is the only thing I ever wanted to do since I can remember,” says Peterson. “As a child, I often would rearrange the furniture at home and put together new color schemes as my parents allowed. I feel like it is my way of helping people live in a more functional, beautiful space that feels like home.” Peterson’s skills go beyond design, however. She likes working with the entire new construction process. Peterson communicates to the various contractors throughout the home build. Doing so, ensures client is informed and happy about the results. “My clients and their projects are close to my heart and my ultimate goal is for them to be happy with the end result,” added Peterson. We spoke briefly with Megan and she offers these insights and trends for new home buyers to consider.

Trends I see right now include painted cabinets and light wood tones for flooring and accents. Natural elements such as rattan, greenery, teak, and linen remain on top of everyone’s wish list for a light and airy aesthetic. Matte brass lighting and plumbing fixtures are also popular.” – Megan Peterson

“When it comes to furnishings, hand-woven rugs, plants, and light colored fabrics are trending,” said Peterson. “Clients continue to ask for casual, neutral color palettes during the construction process as well as in their furniture. Lighting is all about being unique and different from what everyone else has.”


What is your general design philosophy?

I am a firm believer in functionality. Residential design revolves around functional living spaces and this is especially true for kitchens and baths. The first step is creating a layout that  will fit  the family that is going to use the space. The second step is to make it beautiful. Most of my designs tend to be timeless in their function as well as their finishes.


What are the considerations new home owners should think about in terms of design?

The general layout of how one space relates to another is key. “Back of the house” or mudroom and kitchen organization should allow for a clean and functional way of living. That should always be the goal for families.


Why did you choose to specialize in new construction?

It is the perfect blend of working with clients to create their dream home and working with subcontractors to make it all happen. I am able to see the project through from start to finish all while raising the standard of residential design in our area.


And any other things that may relate to the bank, financing or budgeting for design?

Be sure you do your research on the materials bids BEFORE breaking ground. I see it happen on nearly every project where the homeowners did not know what  was included in their allowances. Allowances are typically for things like flooring, lighting, countertops, etc.  Once a budget is approved, any change will likely put them over budget. Researching your materials helps avoid this. Do you have questions about the home buying process? Are you looking to finance a new construction or purchase an existing home? Talk to an American Bank & Trust Mortgage Lender about how we can help you.      


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