American Bank & Trust understands things get very busy this time of year. Holidays are on the way and that means traveling, celebrating and of course spending.  Why rack up debt on a credit card, when you can use your debit card and get something back in return?  Buzz Points are a great way to earn rewards this holiday season.


What’s All the Buzz About?

American Bank & Trust offers this reward program to all eligible customers. Enrolling is simple. The moment you activate your American Bank & Trust debit card and create a Buzz Points account, you can use it to earn points. And when you’re shopping or traveling this holiday season, those points will really add up!

Earning Buzz Points is a great alternative to a credit card, because you are not only earning when you spend, you avoid the debt that can rack up quickly during the holidays.

For the busy shopper, you can access your account on a phone, computer or tablet.  Use either the Buzz Points or the free Buzz Points app.


Shop Locally and Support Your Community.

It’s always fun to take a shopping trip this time of year. But did you know that when you spend in your hometown, you can earn more? The Buzz Points program offers double points when shopping locally at a Preferred Business. You’re not only earning for yourself, but also supporting your main street.

American Bank & Trust offers Buzz Points rewards because our history was born in small towns and we want to see them thrive.  Local businesses support our school teams, our civic organizations and our tax revenue.

We are always looking for ways to deepen our relationship with customers and merchants. Buzz Points rewards program is one way we do that. Encouraging responsible spending is another.


Other Buzz Points Benefits.

In addition to shopping locally, you can earn Buzz Points anywhere you shop. Your points can be redeemed for rewards, statement credits, or donations to charity.

So if you want to earn this Christmas, and make an impact locally, contact one of our personal bankers about Buzz Points today.


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