In a continuing effort to support our best and brightest students, American Bank & Trust is providing scholarships to 22 graduating high school seniors from eastern South Dakota. This year’s recipients of the $500 scholarships are:

Derick Siemonsma, Huron

Julia Blom, Huron

Bree Gose, Huron 

Lane Miller, Winfred

Abbie Schneider, De Smet

Mackenzie Zell, De Smet

Kathryn Aymar, Miller

Molly Simons, Miller

Trayce Hermann, Wolsey

Emily Eggleston, Wolsey

Trinity Flowers, Wessington Springs

Macknzie Roduner, Wessington Springs

Hannah Schentzel, Mellette

Kenidee Enander, Mellette

Regan Bollweg, Pierre

Jenna Keyser, Pierre

Nicholas Tschudy, Sioux Falls

Alannah Benson, Sioux Falls

Torrence DeBoer, Stickney

Dayna Koch, Stickney

Abigail Carlson, Watertown

Savannah Isaacson, Watertown

In the fall, each recipient will attend an accredited South Dakota college, university, vocational technical school, or community college.

Watertown Is Resilient

Opening a new bank branch during a worldwide pandemic is no walk in the park, but American Bank & Trust moved forward confidently.

Tribble says, “We knew we had a quality team of seasoned bankers from the Watertown community that have worked in the financial industry for many years. Each of them has a deep knowledge of Watertown and surrounding towns and have broad connections as well.  During the pandemic, there was also the mentality that South Dakota would stay open, knowing we would get through the pandemic. Our management team also had a high level of confidence because we knew the production and distribution of vaccine was on the horizon, which meant life as we know it would likely be getting back to normal in 2021.”

According to Stein, business was as usual for the Watertown Development Company (WDC). “Our commitment to WDC’s vision – a healthy, thriving, and resilient community – was never stronger than during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and the expanding conversations on supporting business and workforce.”

Why Watertown Should Bet on American Bank & Trust

“We have a quality team of bankers and local service. Our financial product offering is very comprehensive – everything from personal, business, ag, mortgage and wealth management.  We are also an independent community bank. This means we truly focus on the needs of families, businesses and ag operations. We believe in investing in communities that we serve. Plus, our staff is involved in community organizations,” says Tribble

“Our competitive advantage is a combination of our team, the products we offer and our staff’s drive to lend a helping hand and volunteer with hundreds of organizations throughout South Dakota. On top of all of that, we’ve got a 129-year history of serving eastern South Dakota, and we are a family-owned bank.”

Community matters to American Bank & Trust. Get the expertise and hospitality you deserve at American Bank & Trust. Talk to our team in Watertown today or any of our other 14 locations.

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