The question no one ever asks about that new house: you’ve closed the deal, but are you really ready to move? A change of scenery for you and your family can be exciting, but there’s a lot that goes into moving. Whether you’re a first timer or a repeat homebuyer, no one really gets used to it — it’s not like something you practice.

Which makes this a good time to consider a little advice. Read these tips and tricks on how to make your move simple.


Organization & Cataloging

Organization is one of those tasks that often gets overlooked while moving to a new place. The trick is to create a game plan and stick to it. You can use these tips for easy organization:

  • Create a checklist of your most important belongings. This will make sure you never lose something during the move.
  • Prioritize important documents and expensive items
  • Mark and specify certain boxes

Cataloging goes hand in hand with organization. Without labeling the correct boxes, you’ll never know what goes where or what boxes holds what contents. If you’re feeling tech savvy, create an Excel document that tracks the contents of each box.



Let’s not turn the new address into the next episode of Hoarders. We all have stuff we don’t necessarily need. Take this time edit your possessions. Make a pile of donatable items. Ignored clothes, electronics and toys can all find a better home. Best of all this makes the load a little lighter.



This is an important aspect of any move. You may be swayed to sort things out after your move, but if you do your sorting before, items will be easy to find and easier to place.

It’s almost a cliché how many people still have boxes to unpack months after they’ve moved. Why waste space? Don’t delay the doable. Make the most of your new space and arrange your cargo as soon as possible.

For some extra help, here are more methods that make moving much, much easier:

  • Get free moving boxes from your local grocery store.  Banana boxes work great because they already have handles built it.
  • Always use the right-sized box. You never want to overpack a box or use a box with unnecessary space.
  • While your clothes are still hanging in the closet, put them inside a trash bag to make unpacking simpler.
  • Don’t empty out your dressers. Keep the items inside but take out the drawers one by one. You’ll save your back from breaking by moving clothes a drawer at a time.
  • Snap a picture of the back of your TV and other electronic devices before packing them up. That way, you know exactly which wires go where when you’re setting up in the new place!


Transfer Utilities

Don’t forget about your utilities. You never want to disconnect them too early or too late. Imagine if you need to turn on a light or vacuum during some last-minute cleaning. Call your electricity, water, internet and garbage providers for disconnecting and scheduling. Luckily, many places let you schedule in advance.

Moving means a lot of things. It’s so much more than packing and unpacking stuff. And to make it even easier, American Bank & Trust is currently offering up to $750 to help pay for moving expenses. Get details on this limited time offer and then apply today!

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