Unless you own a magical crystal ball, there’s no way to 100% predict if mortgage rates are going to increase or decrease in the future. That’s why right now is such a great time to refinance your home loan and take advantage of the low mortgage rate environment. Refinancing right now can be a worthwhile financial move. By dialing up one of our loan officers, you’ll potentially be putting money back in your pocket.


Here’s what’s being said about refinancing with American Bank & Trust.

Put your faith in American Bank & Trust and watch your money work for you. Competitive rates, a wide range of terms and finance programs all make things easier. But don’t take our word for it, hear from AB&T customers Ryan and Tessa Krueger. They recently went through the refinancing process. Low interest rates and potential monthly savings are what lead them to refinance.

“Austin Bernhard and Mandy Kuipers from American Bank & Trust in Pierre both reached out to us about the great rates and the savings that we could benefit from. Since we have most of our personal and business accounts with American Bank & Trust, the process was very simple for us. They were very quick to get us answers and quotes back, plus they walked us through everything.”

Ryan and Tessa are both contractors, so they have plenty of firsthand experience with homes. Their refinancing experience has also encouraged them to share the love.

“We have had nothing but positive experiences since transferring our business accounts. We refer all of our clients to AB&T when we are in the early stages of consulting for new homes and projects or selling a spec home. Everyone that we have worked with at AB&T has been outstanding. They take the time to explain everything and put in a lot of personal touches that make you feel confident in your choice to trust them with your finances. I would recommend AB&T for all of your mortgage, personal, and business banking needs.”

With an AB&T loan officer, it’s easy to find the right fit. We are easy to contact and easy to work with. If you’re looking to reduce your monthly mortgage payments, get a lower interest rate or convert your home equity into cash, you should consider refinancing your home loan. Make the call, it may just put some extra cash in your pocket. Contact us today.

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