That moment when you look into your wallet and see an empty fold where your debit or credit card use to be can be extremely anxiety-inducing.

But it doesn’t need to be.

Accidents happen. American Bank & Trust has your back. If you’re experiencing a lost debit or credit card right now, report the missing card to us immediately.


Your Next Steps

Here’s what you  should do  after the mishap.

  1. Check Your Bank Accounts Associated with the Missing Card

The most convenient way to check your bank account for any possible fraudulent charges is to have our mobile banking app on your phone or tablet. This way you can immediately check your accounts as soon as you realize the card is lost.

If you’re a parent who was notified of a missing card for your son or daughter, one option is to safeguard your cards against fraud with  CardValet®.

  1. Cancel Automated Payments Connected with the Misplaced Card

If you do happen to see fraudulent charges, you’ll likely need to disable your misplaced card. You’ll also want to notify companies that you have recurring payments set up with—for example, utilities, student loans, etc.

  1. Follow Up with Your Bank for Peace of Mind

The best way to handle this stressful incident is to contact your bank as soon as you find out your debit or credit card is missing. We also recommend following up with your bank after checking your accounts and canceling automatic payments to make sure everything is straightened out. This will give you some much needed peace of mind.

While you’re on the phone with one of our friendly staff members, they will help you get a new card ordered.  You will receive the new card in 7 to 10 business days. Once you receive the card, call the 1-800 number on the back to activate it and set your PIN number.

  1. Consider Adding the CardValet® App to Your Phone

When you do get a new card, we highly recommend downloading CardValet® to your phone. CardValet® allows you to turn your debit card “on” or “off” anytime.  It also can give you alerts when your card is used, by transaction type or merchant type.  The CardValet® app can be downloaded onto an iPhone or Android phone.


American Bank & Trust Helps You Protect Your Money

Our team of personal bankers are here to help you when accidents happen. Please contact us immediately to report lost debit or credit card.


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